Parts of hiking boots

Are you aware of the parts of hiking boots?

Knowing about the parts of a shoe is important. This is because only when the buyer is aware of the parts and the material of a shoe, then will he be able to make an informed decision. In this way, he can purchase the right kind of shoe for him. While the buyer is not going to make a shoe on his own at least the basic parts would be familiar, so as to buy the perfect pair of shoes. This is important when it comes to the purchase of hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are costly and the first purchase has to be the right purchase. The following are the most important parts of a hiking shoe.

Sole and Welt

sole and welt of a hiking boots

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

The base is called the sole. Usually, this part is made up of synthetic rubber. While the material might be the same level of the harness will differ from one shoe to another. The materials even will be different from one manufacturer to another. In the inner part of the shoe lies, the shank. This is basically a strong material which is usually made out of fiberglass or sometimes steel. This prevents the bottom from twisting and is responsible for support. In the case of hiking shoes, the shanks will only be half-length when compared to the normal shoes. This is because all the strength is got from the rubber sole itself. There are some fake hiking boots available in the market. These boots which look similar to the original hiking boots will have shallow tread and will have harder soles.

The connection between the sole and the upper lies with the welt. The old-fashioned welts are the best one but they are very difficult to get in the market these days. These days, hiking boots are only glued with the help of gum. If you are going to a costly hiking shoe, then it is better to go for the one which has the sewn model. It is because this model will have more durability compared to the normal ones. The upper part of the hiking boots is the one which is responsible for the comfort of the shoe. This part is usually made up of leather. The upper will save your feet from any rocks and even pushes water away. Only the highest quality hiking boots will have an upper which is completely made up of leather. Otherwise, it will be split-grain.

Inlet and Tongue

inlet and tongue of a hiking boots

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

When you are checking this out you have to only remember these two things. Always check the way how the lace is attached and how it can be adjusted. The other thing is how the tongue is attached over the sides of the inlet. When it comes to the lining and padding, check for the next two important aspects. They are the sole lining and the screen coller. These two parts should be thick enough to withstand any damage and should be soft for comfort.


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