How to clean leather shoes

Leather shoes can easily show the dust and debris accumulated in it. But it can be cleaned and made to look brand new with the help of the right set of cleaning tools and by proper cleaning. It should be noted that the leather shoes should be cleaned only with soft brushes as any other harsh brush types will leave a mark on the shoes and create a crack. By using a soft brush to clean, the texture of the leather will be protected. Other products which are mild in nature can also be used to clean the leather shoes. Some products, for example, baby wipes, and even erasers can be utilized to make the leather shoes look clean. The process of cleaning your leather show can be noted as follows:

1. he first step is to neatly remove all the dirt from the shoe. Use a soft brush for this. Remove the dust from the top layer of the shoe. Also be careful as to not to rub too harshly as this will leave a mark on the shoe. Make sure you brush the side of the shoe which will go in sync with the sole.

2. While doing this always remove your shoelaces. This is because any cleaning or polishing process will damage the shoelace if it’s not removed. The possibility of the lays getting stained can be avoided by removing it. To make it clean you can gently wash it or clean it with the help of the washing machine.

3. Now rub the shoes gently with a wet cloth. Do not put your shoes under the running water. You can wipe off all the dirt with the help of this wet cloth. To make it much cleaner to use a mild shampoo or leather cleaner. Try applying this solution on the outer layer of the shoe and wipe off with a clean cloth.

4. After cleaning it with the solution, wipe the shoe completely with a wet cloth. Now dry your shoes by keeping it in a cool room. Never place your shoes in direct sunlight. The use of baby moisturizer will be good as it will condition the leather.

5. While traveling, if your leather shoes get dirty, always use baby wipes to wipe off the dirt. The baby wipes will be soft and will not be harmful to the leather as the product by itself is very gentle.

6. If there are any stains in the leather then the spots can be wiped off with the help of water and vinegar. After mixing both these ingredients in equal quantity taking a cloth and dip it into this solution. Then gently wipe the leather with this cloth. Once the stain is gone wipe the leather once again with a clean cloth.

7. Get the help of the leather shoe polish to make your leather shoe look brand new. Gently apply the polish by taking a cloth and pouring a few drops into it. Wipe the leather with this cloth. Make sure the non-leather parts are not touched.

We have found some other ways to clean your leather shoes on some videos that we have found:

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